Tŷ-Mawr Lime

The Brief

Ty Mawr approached GloverSure to develop a complex web system for their business, comprising of a main ecommerce site with a range of integrated features and functionality related to different areas of the business, these were systems ranging from product quantity calculating systems all the way to integrating into external software such as Orderwise. The website also needed to be fully responsive and work well on mobile devices.

Tŷ-Mawr Lime Brief

Our Solution

GloverSure worked with the team at Ty Mawr to develop a brand new design for the site, making use of the existing branding, colour scheme and style that the company was using. Once the design was approved, our team of developers coded up the site using the Magento system, a popular ecommerce framework used by over a third of all online stores in the UK.

With the main ecommerce section of the site constructed, we then needed to integrate the modules and extra features into the site. A large part of this process was intergrating the ShipperHQ system as well as the product quantity calculators. ShipperHQ provided the team at Ty Mawr with a system to manage all of the eCommerce shipping rates and options from one place, making it easy for them to give exact prices for different post and packaging methods from boxes all the way to pallets and lorry-loads. The product quantity calculators hooked into the magento system and provided several different walk-through calculators that estimate the quantity of a product that the customer needs based on a series of questions. These calculators were completely custom development, built from the ground up and integrated into the magento side of the site.

As well as these main 2 add-ons, we also integrated several smaller plugins and extra features to the site, including: postcode lookup system, editable order confirmation templates, integration with orderwise which included a full product import including stock levels and a complete order export as well as several other smaller tweaks to the standard Magento install.


  • Responsive Magento Design
  • Magento Development
  • Postcode Lookup System
  • Custom Quantity Calculators
  • Secure Trading + Sagepay setup
  • ShipperHQ Integration
  • Orderwise Intergration
Tŷ-Mawr Lime Features