Pear Stairs: StairCreator

The Brief

After taking inspiration from their rivals, Pear Stairs decided that they wanted to develop their own tool that allows their customers to design and price their own staircase.

Pear Stairs: StairCreator Brief

Our Solution

Our solution allows users to design and price a custom staircase in 3D right in their browser in minutes. The user can input the exact dimensions for their design as well as selecting from a range of different styles and materials to customise the finished staircase. A large variety of styles are available, from a straight staircase with traditional 'oxford' fittings in sturdy oak to a grand winding design crafted from luxurious walnut.

Not only can you get a feel for how your new staircase will look, but the system also intelligently works out how much the finished product will cost and displays it to you in real-time.


The StairCreator was primarily built as a bespoke JavaScript application that runs in the browser. Estimatation and other functions (such as PDF quote generation and emailing) are perfomed via a backend API running on a custom PHP-based solution. Due to the complex nature of the application it integrates many well-known libraries, including THREE.js, easel.js, wkhtmltopdf, lodash and PhantomJS.

Pear Stairs: StairCreator Features