Melin Tregwynt

The Brief

Melin Tregwynt approached GloverSure looking to develop a brand new ecommerce store for their business, based around the high quality products that they create. The site needed to carry the existing Melin Tregwynt branding and fit in-line with their current website and style. One of the important points was that the site needed to be fully mobile responsive and work well on any device, allowing customers to browse the store and checkout on phones, tablets and regular desktop computers. Melin Tregwynt also wanted several extra features implementing to improve the backend order and shipping processes.

Melin Tregwynt Brief

Our Solution

Our design team worked with Melin Tregwynt to create a bespoke concept design, tailored to their business and their existing online presence. We made use of a clean colour scheme with large amounts of whitespace, using the existing green brand colour for highlights and call to actions.

Once we had developed and finalised the concept design, our Magento development team coded up the site and started implementing the extra modifications to the normal Magento system. The first of these was integration to Royal Mail and FedEx, allowing the site to be linked with certain services used by Melin Tregwynt as they as shipping out orders.

We also added the ability to import and export products via CSV files, using a module called Magmi, this is very helpful for the customer as it allows the product catalogue to be updated easily and frequently. As well as the Magmi module, we also plugged into the Genesis API, which helps to organise shipping rates for each of the orders received through the store.

As well as these modifications and several more, we also set up the site to run on SSL, which makes the store much more secure.

Overall this Magento store was a lot more complex than many of our simple ecommerce sites, although the array of modifications that we added to the standard Magento system makes life much easier for the team at Melin Tregwynt and the process for each order a lot more streamlined.


  • Bespoke Magento Design
  • Responsive Magento Development
  • SSL Certificate
  • SagePay Integration
  • Connecting Genesis to Magento
  • Royal Mail / FedEx Integration
  • Magmi CSV Module
  • Analytics
Melin Tregwynt Features