Lloyds Gourmet Meats

The Brief

We were contacted by Rikki Lloyds as they wished to upgrade their online presence with the introduction of Lloyds Gourmet Meats. They wished to have a professional, up to date modern ecommerce store that allowed them to sell their wide variety of gourmet meats.

Lloyds Gourmet Meats Brief

Our Solution

We created a brand new website for Lloyds Meats, based around a clear, traditional design that incorporated pastel colours and blackboard styled banners with fine details such as dashed borders to indicate stitches. The main layout of the site features a large grid of featured products along with images, this acts as an immediate display for the products and makes it very easy for someone to pick out a product and buy it right away from the home page.

The website created was developed using the Magento platform, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. The Magento system allows the customer to upload their wide variety of meat products and split them up using a number of categories and attributes.

The website has been integrated with PayPal for payments on the site.


  • Magento Design
  • Magento Development
  • PayPal integration
Lloyds Gourmet Meats Features