Coed Cymru

The Brief

Coed Cymru were looking to update their existing website with a brand new design and a fresh approach to laying out the different content on the site. They needed a fully responsive website that would work well on different screen sizes and devices, using a clean, easy to navigate structure.

Coed Cymru Brief

Our Solution

Our team worked with Coed Cymru’s designer to reach an agreed concept. Once this design and layout was fully confirmed, we began coding up the site, making sure that it was fully responsive and worked for devices such as phones and tablets.

We set up a number of different pages throughout the site with different layouts and structures. Some of these needed to have several downloadable PDF documents available for viewers of the site to access whilst still being fully editable for the staff at Coed Cymru. Although at first this was a slight challenge, using the CMS integration for this meant that these sections where able to be fully editable, with no limit on how many PDFs could be listed on those pages.

We also added several other features to the site before it went live such as a full news system where Coed Cymru can upload articles and events, fully bilingual functionality allowing users to switch between English and Welsh versions of the site with ease as well as an embedded virtual tour of some of the local woodland areas.


  • Responsive Design
  • Content Management System
  • News Module
  • Map Module
  • Virtual Tour
Coed Cymru Features