Our Top Tips For Rebranding.

We’re excited to have revealed our fresh new look – we hope you like it!

We’re still the same creative team, offering the same great service, we just felt the time was right for us to undergo a change to reflect our growing business.

We haven’t taken the decision to refresh our look lightly but after much consideration and deliberation, we all agreed that our old logo and brand image just weren’t cutting it – put simply, they no longer reflected who we are or what we’re all about. That’s the important thing to note about your brand, it’s not just about what your logo looks like. It’s what people think of you when they hear your brand name based on factors like the service or products you provide, the people who work for you, or the premises you work in – your logo simply acts as a visual reminder of all of these things.

So, not only have we revamped the logo, but we’ve also spruced up our branding by giving our website a whole new look and feel, we’ve reconsidered our brand voice to reflect our personality across all of our communication channels and improved our internal systems to provide our customers with a greater level of service  – even our offices are sporting a makeover!

The result? A brand image that we feel reflects the professional, talented and creative team we are and the quality web design, eCommerce, software, and app development services we offer our clients.

A hand making notes on rebranding at a desk

5 Steps to a Successful Rebrand

1. Establish the purpose of your rebrand

Before jumping into a rebrand feet first, it’s important that you’re clear on the purpose – what is it you want to accomplish? Perhaps you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, enter a new market or create a new image for your company. Whatever the reason is, make sure you and your team are clear on what you’re hoping to achieve to keep you all on track to a successful rebrand.

2. More than just a logo or name!

Often the physical components of a brand, like a logo or a name, are usually what we think about when we consider a rebrand. Don’t fall into this trap – it’s about so much more than this! Your brand is everything your audience perceives about you – how your team answers the phone, your company culture, your website. Rebranding is the perfect opportunity to update so much more than just the physical components, think about your processes and philosophy too. Be clear on this before you get started.

3. Ensure your team’s onboard

Many companies are guilty of undertaking a rebranding process within their marketing team and then do a grand unveiling at the end without fully informing the wider team of what the rebrand goals are and what is being done to achieve this. Keep your team updated throughout the rebranding process so that they’re clear on the role they play. When you come to launching, it will be less confusing for your customers if your whole team is on the same page and working together consistently.

4. Shout about your rebrand

You’ve put all the hard work into developing your rebrand, so when it comes to launching, don’t lose the momentum and make plenty of noise about it! That includes telling your existing clients about the changes to reassure them and make them feel more connected – it also shows that you care enough to keep them in the loop! Think carefully about how you’ll promote your rebrand, be that an event, PR, through social media, or advertising. If you don’t make enough ripples, you might find your efforts go unnoticed.

5. Be creative

Make your rebrand stand out by getting creative with your marketing. Launching a rebrand is the perfect opportunity to start with a clean slate and try out some fresh new marketing strategies or channels that you previously avoided. Think outside the box and come up with ideas that no one else is doing, create a custom hashtag or incorporate more creative visuals into your campaigns.

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