Well I wasn't expecting that!

2016-08-15 10:00:00

On the 16th July, I was expecting to go for a meal with my soon-to-be wife and her family. I had organised to meet them at the pub as Abi had gone with her bridesmaids in the morning for a dress fitting. As I sat in the car park waiting for the in-laws to arrive, I was surprised to be met instead by Alex and Leyton, who told me I was going with them! Complete confusion ensured, and I didn't believe them when they said there was a minibus waiting around the corner. After much persuasion, and seeing the text message evidence of weeks of careful scheming, I eventually believed them.

What a great surprise works stag do they had organised! I jumped on the bus with the GloverSure team and we headed up to Chester and went go karting - not just a couple of laps but a full grandprix! Everyone had a great time, and being behind a wheel instead of a computer screen fostered some healthy competition among the team. Next up it was drinks in Chester before heading back to Welshpool just in time for those with the most stamina to head to Moltos.

I must say a big thank you to the team especially Alex and Leyton for such a great surprise and a great day.

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