How we approach luxury holiday home web design.

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At gloversure, we have a long history of working with holiday home rental businesses. Many of which have their own distinct selling points. Our refined development process begins by gathering a comprehensive understanding of our clients. Ensuring that we can create something to match their identity and business objectives.

Over the years, our experience has seen us develop a number of luxury holiday home web designs. Sage & SeaLuxury Coastal, and Rodney Cottage to name a few. In fact, it’s become one of our core niche markets. Now, we have not only established ourselves as professional luxury home web developers. But as a luxury web design agency that drives results.

Luxury Cottages

One of our most recent projects was a bespoke web design and development for Luxury Cottages. Unlike most holiday companies, Luxury Cottages have a devoted team of holiday specialists who hand-pick each property.

Striving to deliver the highest quality of luxury vacations in the most desirable locations across the UK. Their high standards have resulted in an exceptional portfolio of properties. Giving website visitors a great range of unique places to vacate. To understand the way we approach luxury holiday home web design. We’ll guide you through our thought-out process, using Luxury Cottages as an example.

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How we approach luxury holiday let web design…

Firstly, we approached the Luxury Cottages project with two necessities in mind; it must convey a sense of luxury, and it must stand out in a saturated market. In order to do so, we incorporated the following luxury web design guidelines…

Sophisticated Typography

A major component in luxury web design is the fonts you use. Fonts convey a great deal of character and personality. In this particular project, Luxury Cottages had hand-picked their fonts and set them as a brand guideline for us to follow. Their font choices were suited perfectly to the prestigious, luxurious character they want to portray. It was down to us to implement them effectively. Moreover, when choosing a font, it’s important that they look good together; complementing one another.

For the main page titles, a slightly thicker, more cursive font that is the most contrasting was used. Its bold traditional look creates a clear message to consumers. As well as being easy to read against the imagery. On the other hand, for the navigation bar and larger sums of text, a fine-lined spaced-out modern font was used. This was to ensure customers could clearly read the text as well as evoke feelings of class and prestige.

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Embrace simplicity

Predominantly, a major driver of luxury web design is simplicity. That’s why we took a minimalist approach. Their home page, for example, is simple, yet uses certain visual elements that reflect their elegant prominence.

We used a large, high-resolution image that radiates a sophisticated holiday experience. Beautiful blue skies, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Captivating imagery is one of the most important factors in creating an attention-grabbing home page. As well as selecting an appropriate one that sets the tone for the business.

Harness the power of white space

White space plays a crucial role in luxury web design. Despite this, its power is often neglected, resulting in sites that look overcrowded and difficult to digest. Whilst this might work for informative websites, it doesn’t for luxury branding. Having plenty of white space means no clutter!

In turn, creating a calming environment. This is exactly how we wanted holiday seekers to feel when searching for the holiday of their dreams. What’s also known as macro white space, spaces out the major layout elements. Directing the viewer’s focus and attention to the important parts.

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A dash of colour

Returning to the principle of simplicity. The same may be said for colour. If you look at the Luxury Cottages website, you’ll notice that we opted for a minimal colour scheme. A pastel colour palette contributes to the relaxing atmosphere. In addition to the classic black and white that has long been associated with luxury branding. It’s critical not to overuse colours while selecting a colour scheme.  Two to three is a good rule of thumb.

Additionally, use your most colour accent as little as possible. For example, for calls-to-action, we utilised a dark, low-saturation purplish-red. In colour psychology, purple is related to royalty and wealth. Therefore further evoking a premium holiday getaway.  Attracting the right target audience and focusing the reader’s attention on the calls to action.


Functionality Factors

Contrary to the design elements of luxury holiday home web design. Having superb functionality as a luxury brand is an absolute must. As you need to reflect your higher-class offering technically as well as through design.

Compelling search system

Another vital aspect of a luxury brand is a compelling search system tailored to meet the needs of your customer audience. In Luxury Cottages case, they needed a high-functioning search system that offered multiple search variables. We integrated the SuperControl search system to exceed the needs of their audience. The search bar system is centrally positioned on the home page so guests can start searching straight away. They can select the destination, dates, and guests. As well as being able to further narrow down their search. Selecting the amenities they require; Sustainable Cottages, Lodges & Cabins, Private Chef and Corporate Retreats to name a few.

The list goes on, guiding customers to find the perfect holiday that’s suited to their needs. Further search options include how many bedrooms and toilets. Moreover, within the search customers can also select a price variable, to find something within their budget. As you can see, SuperControl covers everything. Which is vital to be seen as a luxury brand. You need to meet the customer’s needs and exceed them.

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Responsive design

As most people search on the go, your website must look as attractive on a desktop as it does on a mobile device. That’s why Luxury Cottages’ mobile site was built to evoke the same sense of luxury as its desktop alternative. Candidly reflecting their high-end status across all platforms.

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