Importance of Mobile Responsive

2016-11-23 15:00:00

Ensuring that your website works on all devices, from desktop computers through to tablets and mobiles, is our number 1 tip for people who are looking to improve their website. Several years ago it was possible not to worry about this but for the last couple of years this has become more and more important.

With more and more people now using their mobile or tablet devices to browse the web, it is essential that your website is developed to work on their devices; this means no zooming, no scrolling left to right or no large images that dramatically reduce loading page loading speeds.

We have seen that on a vast amount of customers' websites that more people are now browsing from either a phone or a tablet than compared to a desktop computer so it is crucial that they are able to view your website easily on their mobile or tablet device. If your website is optimised for mobile devices then the website will be easier to use and more effective.

To check to see if your website is currently mobile friendly then we would recommend using the Google Mobile Friendly Test tool. This can be found at

Google has also updated their search engine algorithm so that websites that have been optimised for mobile devices rank higher in the Google mobile results pages than those that haven't been.

There is currently three different methods that can be used and that are supported by Google for creating a mobile website. These are:

  1. Mobile Responsive (recommended option) – this is when the website responds and adjusts depending on the users device. This is often beneficial as it will avoid possible glitches of redirects to a mobile version of the site.

  2. Dynamic serving – this is when different HTML is given depending on the device used.

  3. Separate Mobile Website – this is when users on mobile devices are directed to a separate mobile website.

Our preferred method is mobile responsive and all of the brochure and ecommerce websites that we develop are developed using responsive web design frameworks. We are also able to update and modify existing websites so that they can pass Google's mobile friendly test.

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