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What is the Agile approach?

Put simply it’s a way of working that allows us to work collaboratively with you. Agile is predominantly used for large scale ongoing projects that require regular updates and amends in development. Depending on the project there are usually regular phases or loops of development.

An agile approach tends to work in an incremental format, meaning we work with you on each sprint to determine if we have met the sprint goals. By working to this process we know at the end of each sprint we have met your goals and objectives so we can launch the project smoothly with no nasty surprises, meaning you get the software you want in a way you want it developed.

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So what are the steps?

There are 4 key working processes that an agile project follows and these are:

Iterative, incremental, and evolutionary

Each stage of the project is broken up into small increments, meaning extremely detailed planning at the beginning of the project isn’t needed. Each sprint is worked on by the whole team, planning, design, development and testing. Unlike a waterfall approach, the work done is reactive to the changing needs of the business.

Efficiency and communication

We appoint a project manager to look after your project and keep it on track. Your PM will refer back to your goals and objectives at every stage to make sure we deliver exactly what you need. We can work with your existing project management tool stacks such as JIRA or lightweight KANBAN. Using tools such as; Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack, Cisco and Webex to keep in touch with project progress.

A very short feedback loop

Each day the teamwork on your project they will refer back to the project goals and objectives. Also, make any new and required changes meaning there is never a long period of time where the project isn’t discussed and worked on. This short feedback loop allows us to develop your project with minimal large scale amends.

Quality focus

We use a range of tools and techniques that allow us to deliver quality and enhanced product development. If requested we can share the progress of the project at any stage of development, to show progress as it’s happening. Customers can choose for us to create integration, automated and regression tests. These tests ensure the project is always moving forward.

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If you like the sound of agile development but some of the processes won’t fit in with the way you work, we can alter our working processes to fit into yours. We refer to this as our pick and mix approach and has worked well with numerous clients over the years. As an agency, we work with you to achieve the best results possible in a way that works for you.

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If you have a development project you would like to discuss or have any questions please get in touch today. We have numerous years of experience working on and planning projects ready for development, our experience applied to your project allows us to deliver efficiency and success.

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